Terry Lamb
Fine Arts
Creative Direction
Illustration / Design / Murals
Terry Lamb was born November 19th,1949 in Vincennes, Indiana. He showed amazing abilities in art at an early age spurred by an interest in Dinosaurs; he even gave a lecture on Paleontology at a prominent university. At the age of 8, Lamb moved to Southern California, became captain of the Track and Cross- Country teams, and joined fellow alumni Pat Nagle and Peter Palombi in winning the top national Scholarship in Art, opting for Chounairds/ California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, majoring in Fine Arts and Illustration.
Lamb moved to Laguna Beach, CA where he met his future wife, Kathy, and had his first solo exhibition. They relocated to Encinitas CA, where they had a son Jason (by natural childbirth), who is now an accomplished Rock 'n' Roll musician in Portland, Oregon (DeMain). Terry began long collaboration with legendary art directors in L.A.; his first illustration for Rolling Stone magazine won the Silver Medal in the prestigious 'GRAPHIS' International Annual.
Because of his surfing experience, Lamb beat out friends Rick Griffin and Bill Ogden to work as storyboard artist/ designer for "Big Wednesday" (John Milius/ Warner Bros). His interest in movies now sparked, he moved to Malibu — living in the guest house of Stephanie Powers ("Hart to Hart) and saving her house from a huge terrible Malibu fire.
Terry's co-design and art includes major films: Notable Film Posters include "Aliens", "To Live and Die in L.A.", "Working Girl", "Year of the Dragon", "Enemy Mine", "Basic Instinct" and many others. A full resume can be seen soon at IMDB.com.
Lamb also began doing Special Art Commissions for MOTOWN Productions, beginning with 
"Motown 25". He also did numerous ads for GOTCHA Sportswear, and logos for Polygram Music, Kirin Beer, and conceived Teasers for "The Goonies", "Short Circuit", and "Peggy Sue Got Married".

Lamb moved to Honolulu, Oahu to become creative art director for Crazy Shirts Hawaii. He continued to paint Fine Art. Lamb's fine Art interest range from Ancient Civilizations, Oceania, Nature, Portraiture, and Murals, to Spirituality.  The artist currently resides in Oahu, Hawaii.


A-Team Productions (Milius/ Feitschans)
Action Sports Retailer (Surfwear brochure)
Lou Adler (designed Murals/ Menu Creeque Alley, L.A.)
Adventures Unlimited Publishers (David H Childress, World Explorer, Author)
American Cimematheque (Inaugral Poster)
American Zoetrope (Coppola)
Artists-at-Large (T. Shirt Company Co-founded with R. Crumb, RickGriffin, Bill Ogden, Jim Evans)
Avalon Attractions (Bob Marley’s last American Concert)
Bear Surfboards (Logo)
John Belushi (Best of…DVD)
Body Boarding Magazine (Illustrations) 
David Bowie (Poster)
Marlon Brando (Retrospective Illustrations for Saturday Review)
Burger King (Advertising)
Tim Burton (w/ Jack Nicholson) “Mars Attacks” Jacket
Gary Busey (Portraits as Buddy Hollie, Collector)
James Cameron ("Aliens")
David Carradine (Collector)
Michael Cimino ("Year of the Dragon")
Coca Cola Inc. (with Olympic committee—Disposable Binoculars)
Francis Ford Coppolla ("Peggy Sue got Married")
CRM Publishers (College Textbooks)
Crazy Shirts Hawaii ( CreativeArt Director) 
Martha Densmore (The Serenity Deck tarot)
Disneyland (75th Anniversary Storyboard )
Richard Donner ("The Goonies")
Doobie Brothers (Poster)
Dreamland Records (Record Logo)
Dukes Outrigger Canoe Club, Waikiki (Logo Design w/ Tom Sellers)
Larry Flynt (Hustler, Rage, Personal Projects)
Foote, Cone, Belding (Levi's “Movin’ On “ Posters)
GOTCHA Sportswear (numerous Ads, Logos, Brochures)
Giorgio Perfume (Ad for "Saturday Review")
Bob Guccione ("Saturday Review")
Harper Collins Publishers (“The Journeys of Socrates”)
HASBRO Toys, Inc. (Corporate Logo idea sketches)
Hawaii—The Game (Game Design)
Hollywood Reporter (The Scriptwriter's Marketplace)
Honda-Suzuki (Billboard Design)
Howie Mandell ("Howiewood" TV Special Logo, Illustration) 
Hustler Magazine (Re-design)
Island Passion (Fruit Juices)
Jack-in-the-Box (Meteor Poster)
Jack Nicholson (Jackets for Movies Cast and Crew/ Lakers etc.)
J.P. Tarcher Publishers
KROQ, Pasadena CA. (Promotional)
KAMAR Toys, Inc. (Endangered species line with Stephanie Powers)
Kirin Beer (Packaging)
John Klemmer (Album Covers)
L'Express Restaurant (Inaugural Poster) 
Led Zepplin (Swan Song Mural-private plane)
LEVI's 'Movin' On' Jeans (3 Posters)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB, logo idea sketches)
MGM Pictures (“To Live & Die in LA”, etc.)
Made in the Shade jeans (Art Director, Design, Illustration, Logos)
Bob Marley (Last American Concert)
Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior, etc.)
MOTOWN Productions (Special Projects Art/Design Director)
Willie Nelson (Portrait)
New American Writing (Poster)
New West Magazine (Cover)
New World Library publishers
New World Pictures (various Movies)
Oahu Attractions Association (Poster)
Orphalese Cruise Lines (Logo)
Paper Moon Graphics (Greeting Cards)
Paramount Pictures (various Movies)
Patagonia Outerwear (Poster)
Penthouse Gentleman's Club, HIU
Michael Pinder (Moody Blues) (Album Cover, Logo) 
POLYGRAM Music, Intl. (Corporate Logo)
Portal Publications (Bowie, Doobie Bros., Stevie Wonder)
Stephanie Powers (Portrait)
Psychology Today Magazine
R J Worthman Advertising, Las Vegas, NV.
Rolling Stone Magazine (“One Step in St. Petersburg”—GRAPHIS Silver Medal)
Saturday Review (Guccione)
Saturn of Honolulu (Advertising)
Martin Scorsese ("The Departed"Jacket Logo)
Scotti Brothers Records (Logo)
Sellers Advertising, HI (Co-creative Director)
Steven Spielberg ( "Goonies", "Jurassic Park" idea sketches)
Surfer Magazine (first professional job)
Surfing Magazine (Cover, Illustrations)
20th Century Fox (ALIENS, etc.)
Quentin Tarantino (DVD Cover idea sketches)
Time-Life Publishers (“Everyday Enlightenment”)
Tri-Star Pictures (“The Natural”, etc.)
Triple Crown of Surfing (Poster)
USA Olympic Committee (with Coca-Cola)
United Artists Pictures (various Movies)
Warner Bros Pictures ( Burbank Studios)
Alan Watts
Robert Anton Wilson
Stevie Wonder (Poster)
Wrangler Jeans (Poster)


(Note: Poster Development means doing comps/ contributing to Finish One-Sheets)

ALIENS (poster)
All the Right Moves (poster development)
Angel Heart (poster developmentr)
Back to the Beach (standee)
Bad Boys (Sean Penn) (poster w/ Jeff Wack)
Basic Instinct (poster/ logo concept/ development)
Big Trouble in Little China (logo / poster development)
Blame it on Rio (poster development)
The Buddy Holly Story (poster development)
The Cable Guy (poster development)
Cardiac Arrest (poster)
Cat's Eye (poster development)
The Departed (logo development)
Dreamscape (poster development)
Enemy Mine (poster)
Fatal Beauty (poster development)
From Beyond the Grave (poster)
The Fisher King  (poster  development)
Ginger and Fred (Fellini) (DVD)
Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan of the Apes (poster development)
Hero (logo)
I Love You To Death (poster development)
I'm Gonna Get You, Sucker (poster concept)
Jurassic Park (poster/ logodevelopment)
The Kiss (poster development)
The Last Dragon (poster, logo)
Moonstruck (poster)
The Mighty Quinn (logo)
The Natural (poster development)
The Pirate Movie (poster)
Poltergeist III (poster)
Prisoner of 2nd Ave. (poster)
Psycho II (poster development)
Overboard (poster development)
Romancing the Stone (poster development)
Silkwood (poster development)
Streets of Fire (logo development)
Swan Lake (DVD)
To Live and Die in L.A. (poster)
Weapons of Death (poster)
Working Girl (poster)
Year of the Dragon (poster)


(Concept/ Design):

Disneyland 75th Anniversary (Storyboards)
The Goonies (Speilberg/ Donner) 
Peggy Sue got Married (Coppolla)
Short Circuit


MOTOWN 25th Anniversary
MOTOWN returns to the Apollo
MOTOWN Revue (with Smokey Robinson)
A Merry MOTOWN Christmas
Nightlife (w/ David Brenner)


Made in the Shade Jeans (Clio winner)


The Departed
Mars Attacks
L.A. Lakers "three-peat" (8 ball)
The Two Jakes
Blood and Wine
The Runner Stumbles


San Francisco Art Museum/ Palace of Fine Arts "The Rainbow Show"
Numerous Graphics/ Illustration shows including GRAPHIS, CA (Communication Arts), Print, ADLA   
 (Art Directors Club Los Angeles)
Mystic Arts, Laguna Beach (First one man show)
“The Art of Surfing (Organized and Produced Art Show of Surfing Art/ Photography featuring top Artists/ Photographers) Turtle Bay Hilton, Oahu, Hawaii